Wood Sheds: Why Wood is Better for Building Sheds

Thanks to various downloadable shed plans and blueprints, it is very easy to construct your own shed using different materials nowadays. However, there is something quaint and charming about using wood than metal or concrete.

Perhaps, the best reason why you should consider using wood for any shed construction is that this material is very cheap compared to the rest. For instance, you would not have to dig too deep into the ground and ensure heavy foundation as you would with metal or concrete structures.

In relation to that, the construction time will be shorter. Maybe the planning phase will take a bit of time. However, once every piece is cut and you are pretty sure about the design you want, all you need to do is to nail each of the wooden slabs together.

It is also very easy to use. And because of that, one can be more artistic with wood. A simple varnish will suffice – there is absolutely no need for paint or wall papers. You may even carve embellishments on the wood to make it look even more beautiful.

Some people may think that concrete and metal is more durable than wood. But wood is just as tough – or more so, even. Actually, some experts assert that the carrying capacity or high-quality lumber is so five times better when equated with cement.

Maybe, those two materials will last years longer than wood. But if one goes for, as mentioned earlier, the good kind of wood to begin with and if one heeds the right manner in which wood is to be taken care of then it will definitely last longer.

With wood, one can be assured of savings in terms of electricity as well. You see, this material is a great insulator of heat so you will not need an electric heater – especially if you will be using this as a guest room. If you add large windows in your construction to let in the fresh air during the summer, you would not have to worry about air-conditioning either.

Believe it or not, wood is actually an ecological material. Instead of letting really old trees decay, become compost and emit carbon dioxide which they have absorbed over the years, the poisonous gas gets stuck in lumber.

ImageBesides, the lumber which you buy today are sold by companies who follow strict government regulations regarding logging and forest management so you really would not have to worry about deforestation and other environmental hazards.


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